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Lip balms are used to treat dry lips. They may contain nourishing vitamins to heal lips, and oils or emollients to hydrate dry and chapped lips. Lip balms may also contain sheer tints for a light wash of lip color.Lip balm is a treatment, you can apply it multiple times throughout the day. Put on lip balm first thing before you start your day and reapply it any time your lips start to feel dry or after you eat or drink.

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More Information About Lip Balm
Comparing regular lip balm and colored lip balm
Regular lip balm and colored lip balm have the following differences:
1. Function: The main function of ordinary lip balm is to moisturize the lips, prevent chapped lips, and relieve lip discomfort. In addition to the function of moisturizing the lips, the colored lip balm can also add color to the lips, modify and beautify the lips.
2. Color: Ordinary lip balms are usually transparent or have a light color, while colored lip balms are available in a variety of colors, and you can choose the color according to your preferences.
3. Texture: The texture of ordinary lip balm is usually moist and easy to apply, while colored lip balm needs to add color while moisturizing, so the texture is relatively thicker.
4. Persistence: Due to the special properties of lip balms, ordinary lip balms usually need to be used frequently to maintain the moisture of the lips, while colored lip balms usually have better durability and can maintain the color and moisturizing effect for a longer time.
To sum up, although both ordinary lip balm and colored lip balm are used to keep the lips moisturized, there is still a big difference in function and use effect. Users can choose the lip balm that suits them according to their needs.

Ingredients of lip balm
Lip balm ingredients usually include the following:
1. Oil: including natural oil and synthetic oil. Natural oils such as honey, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, almond oil, etc., can penetrate deep into the epidermis of the lips to provide sufficient moisture for the lips. Synthetic oils often include mineral oil, petroleum jelly, etc., which have the functions of moisturizing, locking water, and protecting lips.
2. Sunscreen ingredients: In order to protect the lips from ultraviolet rays, sunscreen ingredients such as SPF are usually added to lip balms.
3. Vitamins: such as vitamin E and vitamin C, etc., have the functions of anti-oxidation, moisturizing and repairing lips.
4. Natural ingredients such as beeswax and beeswax: It has moisturizing and lubricating effects, and can provide long-term moisturizing and protection for lips.
5. Spices and pigments: In order to increase the taste and color of lip balm, spices and pigments are usually added.
In general, the ingredients of lip balm need to have the functions of moisturizing, moisturizing, repairing and protecting lips, as well as special needs such as sun protection, taste and color enhancement. When choosing a lip balm, users can choose a lip balm with safer, natural and effective ingredients according to their lip conditions and usage needs.