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Liquid eyeliner gives you a long-lasting, intense, dramatic result. The precision, felt-tip pen makes application smooth and easy. To apply, place your elbow on a flat surface beneath you to keep your hand steady, and look down into a mirror. Rest your hand on your face and place the tip of the eyeliner pen at the midpoint of your eye. Gently pull your eyelid taut with your other hand and begin tracing your lash line with the pen, using small strokes. Once you reach the outer corner of your lashes, move to the inner corner of your eye and extend the eyeliner to the midpoint. If you want a fine line, apply less pressure; if you want a thicker line, apply more pressure. If necessary, use a makeup remover cloth to clean up the wing and make it look more precise.

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Jinhua Zhongxin Cosmetics Co., Ltd. is professional cosmetics manufacturer and exporter. Wholesale Romantic Color Private Label Liquid Eyeliner Manufacturers and OEM/ODM Factory in China. We have GMPC and ISO 22716 certificate.We promise qualified products with SASO,GOST,EU,FDA standard. is a manufacturer of eyeshadow,eyebrows,foundation,blush&bronzer、highlighter、eyeliner、Eyebrow pencil、eyeliner pencil、lip pencil、mascara、setting powder、mask, lipstick、lipgloss、lip balm, makeup kit, etc. with well-equipped testing facilities and strong technical force. With a wide range, good quality, reasonable prices and stylish designs, our products are extensively used in cosmetics and other industries. Our products are widely recognized and trusted by users and can meet continuously changing economic and social needs. We welcome new and old customers from all walks of life to contact us for future business relationships and mutual success!



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More Information About Liquid Eyeliner
What is liquid eyeliner?
Liquid eyeliner is a type of cosmetic product that is used to line the eyes. It typically comes in a small tube with a thin, pointed brush applicator that is used to apply a liquid-based formula along the upper lash line. The liquid formula is usually highly pigmented and dries quickly to a matte finish.
Liquid eyeliner is known for its precision and ability to create sharp, defined lines, making it a popular choice for creating dramatic eye looks. It can also be used to create a winged eyeliner or cat-eye look, which involves extending the liner outward from the corner of the eye.
While liquid eyeliner can be more difficult to apply than other types of eyeliner, such as pencil or gel, with practice it can be a highly effective tool for enhancing the eyes and creating a variety of different looks.
What are the characteristics of liquid eyeliner?
Liquid eyeliner is a type of cosmetic product that is used to define the eyes and create a dramatic look. Here are some of the characteristics of liquid eyeliner:
Consistency: Liquid eyeliner has a liquid consistency that is thinner and more fluid than other types of eyeliner, such as pencil or gel eyeliner.
Applicator: Liquid eyeliner typically comes with a fine-tipped brush or felt-tip applicator, which allows for precise application and the creation of thin, sharp lines.
Pigmentation: Liquid eyeliner is highly pigmented, meaning that it delivers a strong, bold color that is ideal for creating dramatic eye looks.
Long-lasting: Liquid eyeliner is designed to be long-lasting, with many formulas claiming to stay put for several hours without smudging or fading.
Water-resistant: Many liquid eyeliners are water-resistant or waterproof, which means that they can withstand tears, sweat, and water.
Drying time: Liquid eyeliner typically dries quickly, which is an advantage when creating intricate designs and sharp lines.
Removal: Liquid eyeliner can be challenging to remove, especially if it is waterproof. Therefore, it is important to use a gentle makeup remover to avoid irritating the delicate skin around the eyes.
Overall, liquid eyeliner is a popular choice for those looking to create dramatic and precise eye looks, with its highly pigmented and long-lasting formula and fine-tipped applicator.
How to choose liquid eyeliner?
Choosing the right liquid eyeliner can be a little tricky, but here are some tips to help you make the right choice:
Choose the type of tip you prefer: Liquid eyeliners come with different types of tips, including brush tips, felt tips, and pen tips. Brush tips allow for more precise application, while felt tips are great for creating a thick line. Pen tips are easy to control and work well for creating a winged eyeliner look.
Consider the finish: Liquid eyeliners come in different finishes, such as matte, metallic, and glossy. Choose a finish that works well with your skin tone and eye color.
Check the formula: Look for a formula that is smudge-proof, long-lasting, and waterproof, especially if you plan on wearing your eyeliner for a long period of time. Also, check the ingredients to make sure the formula is suitable for your skin type.
Choose the right color: Black is a classic choice for liquid eyeliner, but you can also experiment with other colors that complement your eye color and skin tone. Brown is a great alternative to black and works well for a natural look.
Read reviews: Before making a purchase, read reviews from other customers to see what they have to say about the eyeliner's performance and durability.
Practice: Once you have chosen a liquid eyeliner, practice applying it to get the hang of it. With a little bit of practice, you'll be able to create a perfect line every time.
Ultimately, the best way to choose a liquid eyeliner is to try it out for yourself. Start with a budget-friendly option and work your way up until you find the perfect one for you.